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PicMonkey: Online Photo Editor With Skin Retouching, Customizable Filters & Blur Effects

Desktop image editors or online ones aren’t hard to find, but online image editors are usually limited in the number of features they offer. They usually allow you to perform only conventional functions like cloning a part of the image, cropping and resizing it, and adding frames or a few filters. PicMonkey is a web app that does all of this, and more. In addition to the wide range of filters it allows you to add to images, you can also edit the filters and change their intensity. The app has basic editing options, color effects, skin retouching effects, text and shape effects, frames and patterns that can be applied to an image. You can apply more than one effect at the same time as well. The app is in beta just now, and hence, all effects can be used for free. Once the beta is over, access to some effects will be restricted and will require you pay to use them. The app’s interface supports drag & drop; drag a file onto the square that reads Edit your photo or drag it on over. It will open the image almost immediately, but heavier ones or RAW photos might take a bit longer. The filter panels are located along the left of the interface, the image is displayed on the right with a magnification button & scale at the bottom right.

PicMonkey  edit

Undo and redo buttons are located at the bottom of the left panel, along with the save and upload buttons. Noteworthy among the effects are the focal effects under the Effects tab (the flask like button, second from the top) and the Touch Up effects (the lipstick button). When you select an effect, a small panel opens up just below it with sliders that allow you to adjust the intensity or focal area of an effect. Once you’re done applying an effect, click the Apply button or click Cancel to remove it. So long as an effect is selected, you will not be able to use the undo or redo buttons.

PicMonkey effects

The atom-like button opens the general editing options (crop, resize, etc.), while the P button opens the text options and lets you add text to your image. The button comprising of a callout box, cloud and heart lets you add shapes to your image in any color, and the square button adds frames and the patch like button lets you add texture effects. Overall, the app is fast, the effects render wonderfully well and are definitely some of the most diverse ones you will see when it comes to web apps.

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[Via Lifehacker]


  1. I can’t see the undo button. Before, it was at the top right? But now it’s in the bottom of the left panel. But there are ads on my page every time I open one. And the ad’s probably covering the undo, redo, save etc buttons. What should I do? I can’t get rid of the ads. 😐

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