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Pict – Fastest Way To Upload And Share Pictures

There are many image hosting sites that calm to be the fastest when it comes to uploading and sharing pictures. But nothing comes close to Pict, with a single click you can upload a picture(or multiple pictures) and with another click you can share your pictures instantly. You also have an option to share the whole album, all these options are given in the main page. No registration is required and there are no restrictions on the number of pictures you can upload.

Pict logo

Just click on any empty window and select the image(s) that you want to upload. Once uploaded, you will see the thumbnail of the the image.

pict upload images

To share an image click, move your mouse over the picture and click Share It.

share picture

You can also switch to advanced mode for more advanced settings. Clicking an image will take you to the full size of that image. You will find a link to share the whole album at the bottom of the screen.

share this album

Wasn’t it quick? Enjoy!


  1. I like this very much because of its reality of using and its used amazingly 100 percent due to it’s
    fastest speed ,
    Imran Rai,
    Mian Channu

  2. My phone, a Samsung D900i is failing to upload my Pictures to my facebook account through Opera Mini. What can i do? Can you please send me a link where i can upload my pictures?

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