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Pictarine Import Photos From Different Accounts & Share Them Anywhere

In the past few weeks, there has definitely been a frenzy of importing and exporting your images from one service to another and it’s inspired quiet a few services in itself but Pictarine is the one stop solution to them all because it doesn’t take sides or discriminate. The web service lets you create a hub for images from your Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, Gmail and Twitter account and also to upload photos from your system and share them easily with your contacts. It also lets you create albums on Facebook, Picasa and Flickr by uploading images from your system or importing them from anyone of your connected accounts.

Pictarine - Zest

Connect the accounts you want to import images from and your albums will load automatically.To browse albums, click the Navigation tab on the top and select My Albums. From tabs on the top, move between which account you want to see albums from, select an album to view images from it.


To create a Zest; a collection of images from different accounts on Pictarine, select Create a new from the tabs on top and select the relevant option from the dropdown menu. Enter a name and description for the album and import images from your account or computer by dragging & dropping them from the panel on the right. You can set privacy for the albums you create and select which friends you want to share an album with. The service also has a download features for individual photos or entire albums but it wasn’t working during the  tests so still a couple of kinks to work out there. The service is a great way to combine images from different accounts in one place and to share them with as many or as few people as you want.

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