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Pigeon Carrier Adds Attachments To Tweets By Uploading To Dropbox

Twitter is micro blogging service where you can post tweets in 140 characters or less and that’s about all you get no matter what it is you want to share. While you can in effect share anything you want on Twitter, it has to be hosted elsewhere online and often using a third party. So if you want to share videos or images off the fly, you’ve got sites like Picasa or YouTube but if you’ve got a Dropbox account and you use either Chrome or Firefox, you can share files directly from the web interface using Pigeon Carrier; an extension that adds any file attachments to your Tweets by uploading them to you’re Public files folder in Dropbox and adding the link to your Tweet.

Pigeon Carrier add attachments

Once installed, you will have to authorize the extension to connect with your Dropbox account the first time you use it. The extension adds an Add Attachment button next to the Tweet button on the web interface.

Pigeon Carrier dropbox

Click the Add Attachment  button and authorize the app to connect with Dropbox. The extension creates a Pigeon – Carrier folder in your public folder. All files you upload using the extension are added to this folder.

Pigeon Carrier

To add a file, click Add Attachment and either drag & drop the file you want to share or click the drag & drop area to browse for the file. You can upload multiple files at once.

Pigeon Carrier upload

A progress shows the upload progress and once a file has ben uploaded, you receive a notification in the system tray from Dropbox.

Pigeon Carrier attach

After the files have been uploaded, click the Attach button which appears next to the Tweet button (and replaces the previous Add Attachment button) and a link to your files will be added to the tweet. The link is automatically shortened by Twitter so don’t worry about your character limit. Click Tweet and the link will be Tweeted.

Pigeon Carrier TL

To the ordinary user (meaning user not using this extension) the link appears as a normal link, to you it appears as in the above screenshot.

Pigeon Carrier view

Clicking the link will expand the Tweet for you to view individual files and to download them. Anyone else who views the link will be taken to the Pigeon Carrier site to view the files in a similar format.

Attachments  Pigeon Carrier

No Pigeons were harmed in the making of this extension.

Install Pigeon Carrier Extension For Chrome

Install Pigeon Carrier Extension For Firefox (The add-on for Firefox is no longer available because the project has been discontinued)


  1. Installed Pigeon Carrier, but Twitter won’t let me authorize it to Dropbox. I click the Authorize button but nothing happens. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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