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Pix.im – Upload, Tag, And Share Pictures On Twitter

Pix.im is a new online service for twitter that lets you upload, tag, and then share pictures on twitter. It has a build-in live feed called Friends Activity where you can see all your friends activity on Pix.im. Whether your friends have joined, made more friends, or uploaded pictures, everything will be displayed real-time in the feed. It does lack some features such as geo-targeting which can be found in TweetPic.

pix.im logo

To being, first sign-in using your Twitter login and password, it will then redirect you to the Friend’s Activity tab.

Pixim Friends Activity

To upload a picture, go to Upload Picture tab. Now select the photo that you want to upload, add some tags, and write a small tweet about the picture. Obviously the last two options are optional. You can also select the privacy options for your photos, do you want to make it public, want only your friend’s to see it, or only want your followers to see it.

pixim upload privacy options

Once the picture has been uploaded, you can further tag your friends and have a little more fun.

pixim tagging

The picture can be rotated Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise, which is a great thing. You can also keep tab on the number of visitors who have viewed your photo and see which country they are coming from. You can judge the service yourself by looking at the comparison chart below.

Features Pix.im Twitpic
Tagging Yes No
Live Feed Yes No
Geo-Targeting No Yes


In my opinion, tagging is the only feature that can make this service more competitive in the market, and give TweetPic a real competition. Remember how tagging in Facebook gave it a large market share, people just love to tag. According to their CEO Jim Neath, the API should be rolling out next week which will give them an ability to integrate with Twitter apps. The site is still in beta, so expect more updates every week. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂

    Just a quick note, Pix.im does support geocoding at the moment. If you’re using an iPhone or another appliance that adds geocode data to your images, Pix.im will automatically plot it to a map.

    We’re working on enhancing the abilities at the moment, so stay tuned 🙂

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