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Plan Your Dream Holiday With Tripomatic [Web]

Want to plan your dream holiday without wasting time searching for things to do, or places to visit? Tripomatic, a web application, is a planning resource that locates all the major tourist attractions throughout the world, and lets you organize trips with only a few simple clicks. This tool comes with a large number of worldwide destinations, along with detailed maps. With it, you can discover new places and activates to do there. It lets you assemble an itinerary, and once you’re done, you can print, share, download or embed the entire plan for your trip. Trips other users create can also be accessed from the homepage, which you can simply download or print. The service is free, and you can log in with your Facebook account.

Tripomatic offers users with a large number of popular worldwide destinations, most of which are European. To start off, click a destination from the list.


An interactive and detailed map of your desired destination allows you to find Activities, Hotels and Transport. Use the drop-down menu to filter activities by Shopping, Relax, Nature, Sports, Summer, Winter, Family, Museum, Beach categories and more. When you come across an interesting activity or place, hover your mouse over it, and add it to a particular day. Once a place has been added to the trip, the color of the image thumbnail changes to red, allowing you to easily distinguish between the added and the remaining places. Furthermore, click Add Day to increase the number of days, and click Delete Day to remove a specific day from the list. A pop-up opens when you click the Must See option displayed on the map, where you can then add well-known places to your trip from right within the pop-up. Also, click Tours to view different tours for a particular city.


Zoom in and out of the map, and click the Hotels tab to find various hotels within a city or region. Use the drop-down menu to filter hotels By star rating and Recommended categories. The Transport tab allows you to view all the routes and transport points. Click Add New Route if you wish to add a new route on the map. Once done planning your trip, simply click Get Trip Plan, and you’re all set to go.


Tripomatic generates an entire guide of the trip and summary of the map. You will find a number of options on the left side of the page, allowing you to get a PDF for the trip, share it on Facebook or Twitter, embed, print the trip and more. The final map shows you all the destinations, and below it, you will also find details for each day and sight.


Some like to relax on a beach, go to the cinema and play different sports, while others love shopping, visiting famous sites and meeting new people. Whatever the case, Tripomatic is a free, fast and interactive tool that lets you plan your vacation in a unique way.

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