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Play All Parts Of YouTube Videos With MultiPart Tube [Chrome Extension]

It can be quite a nuisance to find multiple parts of  videos that are often divided in separate chunks due to YouTube upload restrictions. Wasting time on finding the next part of a video can very much ruin the fun of watching programs, movies, documentaries, etc.. MultiPart Tube is a Google Chrome extension that resolves this problem, as it automatically plays the next part of the video after it concludes.

After installation, this extension shows an option at the bottom of the current video, displaying other parts that can be played after the current video ends.

Part 1

Clicking on the Play All Videos option takes the user to a third party website where all video parts are added to the playlist and played in exact sequence.

Multi Part Tube

Although we experienced no issues during testing, however, it is worth mentioning here that this extension is still undergoing an experimental phase and users may encounter some technical issues. Currently this extension is only available for Google Chrome users and requires Flash Player 8+ to work.

Install MultiPart Tube extension for Google Chrome

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