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Plnnr Automatically Plans Your Trip In Few Simple Steps

Ok, so this may not be strictly ‘technical’ but the service being offered by the guys at Plnnr.com is certainly worth a shot if you’re planning a trip to London, UK, Barcelona in Spain, Rome, Italy, or several other locations where Plnnr’s services are offered. What they do is, as their name indicates, they ‘plan’ your trip for you – in every bit of detail that you’ll need, right from your hotel where you’ll be staying to the time and means to reach the museum at your destination (just an example).

When you launch the plnnr.com wizard for the first time, it will take you through a series of questions, starting with what your destination is, and then going through the nature of your trip, traveling dates, number of persons, the amount of luxury you want. With these few answers, Plnnr will generate your very own, personalized travel itinerary containing your entire day-by-day schedule (as recommended by Plnnr) for your whole trip. They also recommend what hotel would suit your choices, and also have some discount deals that you may want to check out.

plnnr main

Once an itinerary has been generated, you can fine tune it as much as you want, changing all the aspects. The best thing about Plnnr is that it lays out the foundations for your entire plan, and then gives you the freedom to modify anything and everything. If you’re on a leisure trip, Plnnr would also include a guide on what locations to visit and sights to see.


Overall, Plnnr is a great service with a lot of potential. The destinations supported are yet limited, but the kind of coverage they are given shows that these guys are here to stay. It’s a free service, and you can print all your itineraries once you’re satisfied that everything is in order. So if you’re planning a vacation sometime soon, and your desired location falls under Plnnr’s coverage, give it a shot, and let us know how it turned out for you through your comments.

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