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Postpone Page For Chrome Saves Pages To Read Later

How often does it happen that you find a great article but don’t have the time to read it? The only thing you can do at a time like that is to add it to your bookmarks and hope you’ll be able to find it again from your long list of bookmarked sites. Not only is there a chance that you forget about the page, but also that you never remove it from your bookmarks making them even more cluttered. The Postpone Page is a Chrome extension that lets you store pages separately, syncs them across different computers in Chrome and automatically removes them from the list once you’ve read them.

postpone pages

The extension keeps track of how many pages you have to get back to; it appears as an icon next to the settings button for Chrome showing the number of pages saved. Whenever you need to postpone a page, click the extension button and select ‘Postpone Page’. If you’ve enabled syncing on your browser  the icon will appear showing the number of pages you’ve postponed whether you use Chrome from the same system or another one. The extension also lets you search the pages you’ve saved. You only need to sign in to Google if you’re syncing across different computers, if you’re using the same system, you can use the extension directly without signing in to anything. The extension does not use any web service to store your pages, instead it saves them on the browser. When you click a page, it will open and will automatically be removed from the extension’s list of pages to view later.

Install Postpone Pages For Chrome

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