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Present, Share & Collaborate On Design Projects With Clients And Teams

It’s always a challenge to find a good, easy and affordable (free) way to present work to a client and it’s equally difficult to get feedback. Cage is a web app that not only simplifies presenting work to a client but also facilitates collaboration, making it easier to get feedback. To share your project renderings with the client, or perhaps a team member working remotely, create a project, add images of your renderings in either JPG or PNG format and send them either a password protected or publicly viewable link where they can see the design and post comments on.

cage dashboard

You can create multiple projects and upload as many images as you want to each. You can add comments on any part of the image, images can be rearranged by dragging them. To create a project, click the plus sign that reads New Project in the upper right corner, enter a name for your project and click Create. You’ll be redirected to a new page and prompted to add images to your project. To add images, click the cloud icon, choose a file to upload, name the image and click Upload. To move between different projects, use the arrows in the middle of the navigation bar at the top of the window. All projects are listed in a drop down menu and you can switch to another one by clicking it.

cage add image

You can set security settings for each project. The app generates a unique password for each project. when you share the link of a password protected project with a client, the client must enter the password in order to see it. Clients (or any one you share the link with) can post comments on each image.

Cage project settings

To add team members, click the information icon in the upper left hand corner and click the My Team tab. You can invite an unlimited number of people, team members have complete access to all your projects. You can also set general settings for all projects or modify your account  from the Information icon.

Cage settings

The dashboard view of a project shows a thumbnail preview of all images that you’ve uploaded and the total number of comments on each image.


The app itself is excellent but the interface makes it all the more worth trying.

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