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Prevent Closing Multiple Tabs Accidentally With Close…Not! [Chrome]

How many times have you accidentally closed your browser and lost all your open tabs? Closing tabs or windows accidentally without a warning message can be really frustrating, and even more so for Chrome users, since Firefox and even Internet Explorer both prompt a warning when closing multiple tabs. close… NOT!, a simple Google Chrome extension, displays a dialog box with a warning message when you attempt to close tabs/windows, whether intentionally or by accident. When you’re browsing the web or typing something important, just click the close…Not! button once to enable the extension. In case you accidentally close a tab or window, a dialog box will appear and ask for confirmation whether or not to leave the page.

Once you’ve installed the extension, a button is added right next to the URL bar. When you visit a website, just click this button once, and the next time you hit the close button on Chrome, a warning will pop-up, asking if you want to Leave this Page or Stay on this Page.


The usefulness of this extension is no doubt questionable; many Firefox users who have this option available as a browser feature disable it since it prevents them from quickly closing the browser window. Their annoyance might stem from the fact that the browser, on occasion needs to be restarted and the prompt just gets in the way. Some Chrome users might feel the purpose of this extension is lost since Chrome’s start-up time is very small and, you can easily restore tabs from the Recently Closed option in the New Tab page. Compared to Firefox, Chrome’s option for restoring previously closed tabs is slightly better and perhaps that is why this isn’t a native feature.

If you still feel the warning prompt is necessary, this extension is the answer. It is still in alpha, and hopefully will be improved in near future. In my opinion, it’s a must have extension for almost all Chrome users, since at some point, all of us have cursed the accidental closure of multiple tabs and entire browsing sessions. Grab it at the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install Close Not Extension For Google Chrome


  1. Those who do not like “the entire app closing without warning” apparently do not use Chrome in a work environment with multiple mandatory tabs open and who hit close while on a random tab and can lose many hours worth of work!

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