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Preview YouTube Videos And Get Detailed User Statistics In Chrome

Often, when we are searching YouTube for a particular video, we come across dozens of videos with similar titles. So, we start opening these videos in new tabs, in order to find out which is the right one or has an acceptable quality. This process can not only be tiring, but it is also quite time consuming. YouTube Preview, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem and helps you decide whether its worth watching a video before opening it by displaying a video preview. It also allows you to see the positive percentage and reaction from the users (this includes YouTube likes, Facebook likes and Twitter shares). Next to each video, you will find the Total Reactions per 100 views of the YouTube videos. The extension allows you to skim through YouTube videos with speed. When you hover your mouse over a video, it is played 1.4 times faster than the normal speed in a compact player and the video can also be played at a normal speed by hovering the mouse over the video.

Once you’ve installed the extension, simply hover your mouse over a video thumbnail to open the YouTube video in a small pop-up. The video will be loaded pretty fast, and a pop-up will show up within a few seconds. Users can then watch the entire video or a part of it in order to check the quality. If want to view the video at a normal speed, hover your mouse over the video.


When you hover your mouse over the likes, displayed at the bottom right corner of the video, a pie chart will pop-up with the percentages for Facebook comments, Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, YouTube Comments, YouTube Likes, Twitter Shares and YouTube Favorites. Mouse over the pie-chart to view the percentages for individual categories.


Moreover, at the bottom of the video you will find the artist’s name. Click the name to view the artist’s page on YouTube. This page consists of a Biography and New videos by the artist. Users will also be able to find a YouTube Mix for that particular artist. For some artists, you will also be able to view the On Tour category, which displays information about the locations and artists that performed at different tours.


The extension is pretty slick and works seamlessly. It speeds up YouTube searches and enhances your YouTube video streaming experience. You can install it from the link below.

Install YouTube Preview For Google Chrome


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