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Prezi: Create, Collaborate, And Share Ideas

Prezi is an online application that provides user an indelible experience to jot down their thoughts and bring it on canvas to create exciting and stunning presentations. It is a presentation tool that helps you create/formulate your idea and publish them on the web.

It provides one big canvas to write anything with absolutely no constraints, you can place images make relationship between them, and do much more. It helps in making a more creative presentation and helps audience to comprehend the core theme behind it.

Visit Prezi, choose the account type, sign-up by providing required credentials and start jotting down your ideas. The video on the main page demonstrates how to use and make the most of Prezi. To create new presentation click Create New Prezi, fill out title and description, select a template and Click Create.


In Prezi, the canvas is your workspace. You can double-click anywhere on the canvas to add a text and create new ideas. As your ideas fill the canvas, you can drag it around to create more space. Once you added your ideas, you can zoom into them to create more ideas complementing each other, add more text and images to explain it in your own way, and create a complete story line to present it.

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