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Progress Bar On Tab Adds Minimalist Status Bar To Firefox Tabs

Browsers have long since done away with status bars in favor of progress circles. What these circles tell you is that the page is loading what it doesn’t tell you is how much of the page has loaded. In other words, when you use your browser, you just know that it’s doing something but you don’t know how much longer it’s going to take to get that something done. Progress Bar On Tab is a Firefox extension that brings back the status bar but positions it on the tabs rather than as a complete bar at the bottom of the window so that it serves its purpose but does not take up any space.

Progress Bar on Tab

The extension lets you customize the position of the status bar; either on top or below the tab title. You can choose the status bar’s color to be either blue or green from the extension’s options.

Configuration of Informational Tab

Install Progress Bar On Tab For Firefox

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