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Pulse: Discover And Listen To Electronic, Techno & House Music [Web]

Addicted to electronic, techno or house music, and bored of listening to the same old tracks? Pulse, an online radio, offers users with endless hours of electronic, dance, techno and house music mixes. This web app has a massive collection of mix tapes, channels, reviews, galleries and more. Interested in finding out more about your favorite DJs? Pulse offers you their biographies, too, along with other interesting information. You can go back and forth from one genre to the other, and skip through unlimited mixtapes. Pulse does not have the usual songs on its list; it offers some thing unique, featuring artists and songs that you may never even have heard of before. Pulse brings music from all over the world, from different people and cultures.

Pulse has a slick interface, with Channels, Mixtapes, Articles and Social categories on its homepage. Users can upload their own mixtapes, and apply for Artists, Club, Label and Agency Channels.


The channels category further consists of All, Artists, Labels, Agencies and Clubs. For each category, you will find an unending list of genres. Different channels can be sorted on the basis of Title, Popularity and Date created.


There are three basic options in the Mixtapes category, Latest, Recommended and Podcasts. Conveniently sort mixtapes by Created, Latest, Title and Popular. Pulse has a massive collection of mixtapes from all over the world, and offers music junkies with something unique and exciting. Each artist has a display picture, a Biography, a YouTube video and Mixtapes. In addition to that, you can follow different artists, and find them on Facebook and Twitter.


You can manage member channel from Account Settings, which can be found to the top right of the page. Options include changing profile details, connecting with social networks and managing your Favorites. Professional Channels may also be applied for from these settings, validation for which takes up to 1 to 2 working days.


The Articles category lets you stay up-to-date with the current happenings in the music world. News, Features, Reviews and Interviews can all be found under Articles.

Pulse makes it possible to discover and connect with different artists and their music, a must-have for music junkies.

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