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Q-Sensei FeedBooster: Stylize And Enhance RSS Feeds With Filters [Web]

RSS feeds let us stay up-to-date with our favorite web content, but most of the free feed readers out there come with too much clutter, such as ads, videos, banners etc., that can make reading difficult. Q-Sensei FeedBooster, a web application, changes the way you read and access feeds. With Q-Sensei FeedBooster, you can add custom filters pertaining date, author, tag and folder etc. It comes with an interactive dashboard, which you can fully customize according to your preferences and needs. The service supports login via Facebook, Google, and Yahoo!, or you may simply sign up, after which you can start adding RSS feeds by simply pasting website URLs, or by importing them from your Google Reader account. FeedBooster lets you filters feeds by Source, Date, Author, Tag, Folder and more. In addition to that, you can also subscribe to various categories of feed-sets.

FeedBooster organizes RSS feeds in neat blocks, and clicking on any feed item takes you to the original website. All these feeds can be fully customized using the options displayed to the left of the page. Feeds can be filteredby Tags, Author, Date, Source, Folder and Language. The service lets you find similar articles by clicking the similar button. Each block offers sharing and emailing options, so you may share feeds on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also search feeds and profiles by entering a query in the search bar.


A pop-up appears every time you click on any filter, which you can use to apply multiple filters to your feeds. Once done, simply click submit and FeedBooster will process and filter your feeds accordingly.


Q-Sensie FeedBooster is a user-friendly web service that allows you to search, browse and discover  feeds in a new and exciting way. It organizes feeds into neat blocks without any ads or other annoying clutter. You can not only read & share feeds, but can also add custom filters to them. Visit the link below and enhance your RSS subscription experience.

Visit Q-Sensei FeedBooster

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