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Quickly Hide Your Browsing Sessions With underBrowser

Are you in an environment where you need to be constantly on the guard regarding your browsing activities? Perhaps an office or university where you want to be in control of who sees what you’re seeing over the internet, or maybe you’re browsing some private data that you want to keep away from prying eyes without losing your browsing session? Look no further then, because we bring you the underBrowser!

This simplistic and minimalist browser has no fancy features like tabbed browsing, saving passwords etc. In fact, in even lacks the most basic ones like bookmarks or favorites. But what it does have is the ability to instantaneously and completely hide your browsing sessions.


Usage is plainly simple. With the browser window active, hit the F1 key and underBrowser will vanish into thin air, leaving no trace behind in the taskbar or system tray. To bring it back, use Alt+Tab to cycle through active programs and select underBrowser. Still nothing? Don’t worry, that’s expected. Just hit the F2 key and your browser will return in all glory, ready for you to resume browsing where you left.

Since underBrowser does not have any history record, it can be termed as an anonymous browser as well. Furthermore, it uses Internet Explorer’s engine to render websites, so full flash content is supported and videos play back just fine.

Our recommendation to the developer would be to ditch IE engine for Mozilla Firefox. We tested underBrowser on Windows 7 32-bit OS system.

Download underBrowser

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  • Bill

    This works for anonymous browsing – EXCEPT in an environment with firewall analysis/proxy. If your in such an environment those types of logging will still point back to your machine (and with a lot of proxies, each web page/object will get recorded) regardless of whether you use this or not.

  • Aatif

    You’re right, Bill. When I said anonymous, the intent was that someone using your PC cannot trace your activities. But nevertheless, the purpose of underBrowser is not anonymity; it’s merely hiding your browsing sessions quick and easy.