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Quickly Search Amazon Through Right-Click Context Menu [Firefox]

Google may be the go to search engine for a lot of different things but there are other proprietary websites like Amazon.com that people favor when looking for something to buy. As opposed to Google, Amazon and eBay are a great place to find bargains and shop online and it stands to reason that you might visit the website several times a day if you were looking to buy something. Select and search for Amazon is a Firefox add-on that allows you to instantly search your favorite items on Amazon only in a few clicks. If you’re reading an article about mobile phones, or some branded accessories, just highlight specific brands or names, and find them right there on Amazon. All you have to do is highlight the text, right click it and select Search Amazon option from the context menu. Amazon will open your search in a new tab, and that’s how simple it is.

JusJust highlight any text and use the Search Amazon For Selection option from the context menu, and you will be taken to the Amazon website. From here, you can easily check all details and prices of your selected products. Once you select Search Amazon from the context menu, your Amazon search results will be opened in a new tab.


Imagine a situation where you’re in the market for a new phone or laptop. You might be reading up on reviews and exploring the different models, brands and names available. To put a price tag on the device you’re researching, you can use the extension to get a good estimate from Amazon.


The downside of the add-on is that it just does a general search on Amazon and if you select and search Mac using this add-on, the results will be a mixture of Mac computers by Apple, Mac accessories and the Mac line of make-up and cosmetics. Of course you can work around this by visiting the Amazon search page and choosing the Electronics and Photo category to narrow the results down.

Amazon offers a wide range of categories, from books to cosmetics and much more. You no longer need to separately open the website to search for items. While you’re browsing the web, you might come across something you like, so with this add-on, you can easily look it up. Install this very tiny, but useful, add-on that enhances your Amazon browsing experience and saves up a lot of time. Visit the link below to give it a shot.

Install Select And Search For Amazon Add-on For Firefox

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