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Quickly Search & Set Cookie Permissions In Firefox With CookieExFilter

Firefox lets you view which sites you’ve enabled or blocked from creating cookies but what’s difficult is to find out the what permissions you’ve set for a particular site since there is no search feature for it. CookieExFilter is an extension for Firefox that enables you to search for a site quickly and find out if you’ve set any exception permissions for it. It adds a search bar to the privacy settings for Cookies that allows you to search a site by name and is useful if you don’t remember the exact name of the site.


To view or set cookie permissions, go to Options > Privacy > Exceptions. The extension adds a search bar below the address bar. Start typing in a website’s name in the search bar and results that match will be filtered. You can set how you search site from the extension’s options.

CookieExFilter Options

You can choose to either filter out the irrelevant ones as you type in the search bar or you can scroll to the next relevant result that matches what you’ve typed.

Install CookieExFilter Extension For Firefox

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