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Quickly Split Off Tabs In A New Window With Tab Split [Chrome]

When dealing with too many tabs, we often group them up into separate windows. Tab Split an extension for Google Chrome which polishes this very idea of organizing tabs. It splits a set of tabs and open all of them in a new window, so you can easily organize them in any required sequence.

For instance, lets say you’re researching to gather some information for your project and alongside research related tabs, you have opened some social media network websites. Now if you want to split all those tabs which have no relevance with your project work, you should try Tab Split. It will split all the tabs which you want to open in a new window with a single click.

After the installation, you will see a Tab Split icon next to address bar. Click this button to split all those tabs which come after the currently opened tab. For instance, in the screenshot below, I am looking through Wikipedia article and want to group all those tabs which are present at the right side including the currently opened tab (Wikipedia in my case).


Now after clicking the Tab Split button, it will split the tab bar by opening all the tabs which are present at the right side (including current tab), in a new window.

tab 2

The extension allows you to either include current tab or exclude it from tab bar splitting. To include the the current tab, access the extension options page, enable the option, and click Save.

save 2

It works on all versions of Google Chrome.

Tab Split Extension for Google Chrome


  1. nice but you can do the same manually this has been a feature of the chrome tabs for a long time just pull down the tab to another window and pull of the other tabs you want to join in it and you *push* the tab into it. you can pull tabs off and rearrange them how you like.

    • yeah….don’t you have to do them all manually. with this you can just rearrange them on one and press split and it does it for you

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