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Quickly View & Download Original Flickr Images With Flickr Original [Firefox]

Flickr Original, a Firefox add-on, allows you to quickly view and download original Flickr images. You no longer need to go through the lengthy and time consuming process of downloading images by using the Save Image As option. The add-on adds View Original Flickr Image and Download Original Flickr Image options to the right-click context menu. So, whenever you want to view or download a Flickr image in its original form, just double right-click it, and use these two basic options from the context menu.

Once installed, Flickr Original adds two options to the right-click context menu, View Original Flickr Image and Download Original Flickr Image. When View Original Flickr Image is clicked, the original image opens in a new tab. The extension works by extracting the URL of the Flickr image, parsing out the image ID, and sending it to a simple web service that uses the Flickr API to return the original image. The download option simply lets you save your image file directly to your local system.


Before you download this add-on though, bear in mind that this will in no way help you download images that are protected from download. Before you try and grab a picture off the site, it is advisable to click the little i at the bottom of each image’s thumbnail and check to see if it is protected or not in the preview that pops up. A reasonable addition to the make the add-on more useful is to be able to select which size you view the image in right from the thumbnail preview in the search results.

Some users might find accessing the options from the right-click context menu a bit inconvenient and perhaps it would have been better if the options appeared when users hovered their mouse over an image. Since it’s just another way to get the end result this add-on gives, it really is a matter of how the developer thought it best to place the options.

This handy add-on is especially useful for frequent users of Flickr and Firefox. It allows you to quickly view original Flickr images, and gives you the ability to download them, with only a click or two. Visit the link below and give it a try.

Install Flickr Original Add-On For Firefox

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