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Read Local News From Any Part Of The World With Newspaper Map

International news sites and channels cover the big stuff mostly and occasionally the little news but they still can’t know a story better than the locals. Newspaper Map is an app that lists over 1000 local newspapers from different countries in 63 languages. You can search for newspapers by name or you can pick them by location from an interactive world map. Newspapers can be filtered by language and can be searched by entering an address, city or state.

newspaper map main

Newspaper map indexes the newspapers that users have added to its database. The site only shows newspapers that have an online version. To view a newspaper, pick a country and click a balloon, balloons are color coded to represent the language the newspaper is in. An info window will pop up and show you the name and translation options for the newspaper along with a preview of the site. Clicking on the newspaper name redirects you to the newspaper’s site. The site uses Google Translate to translate the news on a site. You can enter the name of a newspaper to search or choose a language to filter newspapers for a particular language.

filter 2

You can view old newspapers (from before the internet was around) by clicking the Historical button. The site shows you digital libraries that exist in various countries and have scanned editions of historical newspapers. The Historical feature is still in Beta so the newspapers are limited but the feature going through dusty old newspaper copies at the library.


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[via Lifehacker]

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