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Read New Google Reader Feeds When Offline [Chrome]

MagicCube FeedStore is a useful Chrome extension that allows you to read Google Reader feeds even when you’re offline. After you’ve installed the extension, you can access Google Reader feeds through a button in the toolbar. MagicCube FeedStore works by checking new unread feeds and downloads them to the local storage automatically. The button in the toolbar comes with a count for the number of unread feeds. Feed Store is a powerful offline RSS reader that provides users with an iTunes-like user interface, and almost the same hotkeys as Google Reader. Users can easily customize the layout and style of the feeds according to their preference.  The style, fonts and layout of the feeds can be changed from the Preferences.

After you’ve installed the extension, you will be able to import all your feeds to the FeedStore. You will find two button at the top of the page for the layout, and you can either display full feeds or just the titles for them. The feeds are displayed to the left, whereas independent feeds are displayed to the right. You will also find two basic options at the top of the page, Refresh and Mark all as Read.


The MagicCube FeedStore Options allow you to select Today’s Update, Favorites, All Items or 24 Hours Updates options for the Start Page from the drop-down menu. You can also set a time in minutes for the extension to check Google Reader. Users can enable options such as Download unread items only, Enable Auto-paging, Force open link in new window and more. Furthermore, items can be removed after a specific time, and a specific number of items can be set to be displayed per page.


The Styles tab allows you to change the Title Style and Content Style. Users can conveniently change the fonts and size for the two. Once done with the settings, hit the Apply Settings button and you’re good to go.


MagicCube FeedStore is a user-friendly extension that works seamlessly, and lets you read feed entries in Google Reader when you don’t have an internet connection. Visit the link below to install.

Install MagicCube FeedStore For Google Reader For Chrome

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