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Reader Filter: Get Rid Of Unwanted Items In Google Reader [Chrome]

A lot of us use Google Reader to read Atom and RSS feeds online, but sometimes, reading about the same topic over and over again can become quite boring. Reader Filter For Google Chrome is an extension that filters unwanted feed items in Google Reader. With it, you can filter and hide RSS news items in Google Reader by keywords or regular expressions (RegEx). Simply enter a name or word, and all items containing that word will be reduced to a colored bar or will be completely hidden. Moreover, filters can be applied to the subject line and the body, or only to the subject line. The extension also comes with a pop-up menu that can be used to add filters, and toggle them on and off.

After installing the extension and adding the filters, you will notice that feeds with the keywords are displayed with a colored bar and smaller fonts. Users can then ignore these feeds and read the ones that interest them. In addition to that, feeds can also be completely hidden, so that they won’t show up at all in the list of items.

Google Reader

Reader Filter Settings allow you to add keywords to filter feeds. To the left of the page, you will find Settings, Layout, Sites and Support options. Simply type keywords separated by commas and all items with the keywords will be filtered.


You can apply filters to the Title and body text or the Title text only. The How to look category offers users with three basic options: Not case-sensitive, Case-sensitive and Regular expression. Also, you can modify the filtered items or completely hide them, depending on your preference.


The pop-up menu allows you to add filters as you browse the web, and filters can be set on or off on the current webpage.


Reader Filter For Google Chrome is a handy extension, especially for those who find Google Reader’s sharing capabilities highly effective, but want to filter out certain items.

Install Reader Filter For Google Chrome

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