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Receive Instant Updates For New EMail With MailPing

MailPing is an addon for Firefox that checks your Google and Yahoo inbox for new emails. The add-on sits in the bottom left corner of your Firefox window. When you sign in to your Google or Yahoo mail account, the number of new mails lying in your inbox is also displayed.

It is a cool add-on that occupies very tiny space. It allows you to access any new mail in your inbox, no matter which page you’re browsing. Since this add-on reflects the number of mails lying in your inbox, you will instantly be notified as to the number of new mails you’ve received.



This utility is especially helpful for users with frequent mailing needs. If you’re expecting an urgent mail, you can still continue your work, while checking for any new mails in its notification bar from time to time. Upon clicking the mail icon for Yahoo or Gmail, you will directed to the respective mailbox.

This add-on supports Firefox version 3.5 and higher.

Get MailPing Add-on for Firefox

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