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Recurse Is An Easier Way To Present Web Design Online

Web designers have two huge challenges to every project; they need to translate a client’s requirements into smooth flowing design and the need the client to understand how the flow meets their requirements. Your design can be great but getting clients to see the design as you see it can be a challenge. Whether you want to show complex site processes and web page transitions or you just want to give an overview of what different pages on a site will look like, you need to present it well. Recurse is a web service that simplifies this for you, it lets you upload web page mock ups for different projects. You and your client can then view the web pages and easily transit between them in a live browser window giving a more accurate idea of how the website will look and function.

Recurse NewPage

You can add multiple pages; upload page mockups from your local drive, set a background image, set image alignment and the background color. Each page can be viewed in your browser to see how it will look (click View Showcase) and you can transition between pages by using the Go To Page menu. For each project a unique link is created, you can send the link to a client. The client can access a complete list of pages from the ‘Back To Index’ option in the lower right corner or use same Go To Page menu. Both designer and client can add comments and annotations. The client sees an additional button; ‘Approve Project’ on the bottom bar. Clicking the button will mark the project as approved and you will receive an email notification that your project is good to go.

The best part, the service does not send annoying mails to your client, you choose when and what they hear about. Mock ups that you create can be edited and deleted any time. Each time a project is edited, the link to the project is renewed so make sure you send the latest one. You can add multiple clients and multiple projects and manage them all from a simple dashboard. Once a project is approved, the project page is stamped with a big ‘Approved’ mark so you know which projects you’re done working on and move on to the next one.

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