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Reddit Tab Opener: Click To Open All Links On A Reddit Page [Chrome]

The average time spent on Reddit is 15 minutes; each page has 25 links and the links are a mixture of questions, videos, articles, images etc. Whatever your interests are on Reddit, there are still only two ways of browsing the site, individually opening each link in a new tab (click each one while holding down the Ctrl key) or visiting it in the same tab and hitting the backspace key to return to the main page. Not only is it time consuming but when you open several links at once based on an interesting title, you don’t always remember what the title was and in case of images, it renders them meaningless. Reddit Tab Opener is a Chrome extension that does two things; it opens all links on a Reddit page in a separate tab and adds the Reddit title to each tab’s title.

The extension adds a square button with a close up of the Reddit alien. Visit Reddit and click the button, all links on that particular page, regardless if it is the main page or a sub-reddit will open in separate tabs.

Reddit Tab Opener button

Although the developer created the link to open all images on a page, it actually opens all links except for discussions and AMAs. Videos, articles and images are all opened in a separate tab and the title of each link appears as the title for each corresponding tab. If you forget what the title was for a particular link, mouse over the tab and the title (as posted on Reddit) will appear in a tool tip.

Reddit Tab Opener title

You can restrict the extension from opening links marked NSFW, choose to ignore recently opened links and remove the option to show the original Reddit title in the tab when you open a link, from the extension’s options.

Reddit Tab Opener options

The extension has a great concept at the core but it isn’t entirely bug free. Instead of opening the 25 links, it also opens additional dead end tabs, each with the extension’s icon as the favicon. These pages can be as many as 7 or 8 or as few as 3. Why the extension is opening them isn’t clear but it could do with the fix. It’s still an easy and convenient way of browsing Reddit. A feature that might be worth adding is the ability to filter which type of links are opened, allowing the user to choose if videos, images and articles should be opened or if only one of them should.

Install Reddit Tab Opener Extension For Chrome


  1. Wow quite surprised to see that something I wrote just to make life easier for one of my friends got a write-up. Filtering option could be nice, I can add this to the extension if I have time.

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