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Facebook Clear For Facebook Removes Ads, Makes It Look More Appealing

Facebook has a lot of great things, your friends, your farm, fan pages and a great way to share pictures. Facebook gives you a lot of great features but it sometimes gives you a few unwanted ones or makes some of it’s great features more than unappealing (case in point: the ever unpopular picture viewer). For Chrome users, Facebook Clear is an extension that can remove ads, make image thumbnails more attractive and give the picture viewer a much needed facelift while making navigation easier.

Facebook Clear Login

This extension is pretty straight forward, all those ads you see, whether they appear on your homepage, when you’re working on your virtual farm or just looking for Lady GaGa’s fanpage, you wont be seeing them any more.

The extension wipes the right panel of Facebook pages. That also means you wont be able to see who recently poked you when you’re on your homepage or any upcoming events, but they will still be accessible from the notification area. The right panel is basically the area Facebook uses to suggest stuff when you’re logged in; the extension gives you life without suggestions from Facebook.

facebookclear page search

In addition to making the pages look cleaner; this extension also fixes the navigation bar to the top of your browser which means once you’re through reading your news feed, you don’t have to scroll to the top to check notifications or messages. Since the ads are being blocked, Facebook will load faster; but the feature that can really win over some users is the improvement to the photo viewer which by general Facebook user opinion is just plain ugly. A slight transparent effect is added to the black backdrop in the picture viewer and a reflection effect to the pictures. It also adds a rounded effect to the image thumbnails making them look more like iPhone icons.

Install Facebook Clear For Chrome


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