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Remove Text Ads And Increase The Width Of Message Box In Gmail

Are you annoyed by the text ads in Gmail? GMail Without Ads is a Greasemonkey script for Firefox browser that removes the ads from Gmail completely. By installing this script, the advertisement from the right sidebar will vanish and the message box will be automatically extended, giving you more width and visibility. In other words, it completely removes the right sidebar.


ads on gmail


after removing ads from gmail

Most people will argue that we can remove the ads using Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox too. This is true but it does not remove the right sidebar, nor does it increase the width  of the message box.

With this script, you can both remove the advertisement and  increase the width of the message box. Note that the links on the right sidebar such as Print All, Expand All, etc will be removed too. Since I don’t use these links, it is totally fine with me using this script. Enjoy!


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