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Resize And Customize Flash Videos In Firefox With FlashResizer

Websites like YouTube provide minimum options for managing the size of the streaming videos. This creates the void for customizing and managing size options. A while back, we reviewed Windows Expander For YouTube, which is a Google Chrome extension that enlarges YouTube videos to the size of the browser. Hence, making it easier to resize the video by changing the browser height and width. FlashResizer is an even better extension for Firefox that not only allows size and quality management options for flash videos on YouTube and Hulu, but websites from all over the internet.

To configure settings for this extension, go to the Add-ons section via the Tools drop down menu and click Options (which can be found next to the FlashResizer icon). From here, you can add the websites which you would like to set size settings for. Users can customize width options (to view the video on the added websites in a custom width size), configure quality settings (low, medium or high) and allow a pre-defined criteria for a full window view. For example, the Full Window option can be used to allow an automatic or double-click (on the FlashResizer icon in the status bar) for a full view of streaming videos. Refresh options can also be set to allow refreshing the video when it resizes (either by a double-click or when the changes take effect).

Flash Resizer

Watching a flash video in the full screen mode only enlarges the video up to the browser screen. This allows users the choice to resize the Firefox window in order to set a custom size for viewing purposes. This eliminates the need to watch a video in a size that covers the whole screen.

Although FlashResizer is usable with flash videos from all over the internet, the need to add websites individually can be quite a laborious task and I do hope that the developers create a mechanism for this extension that allows automatic implementation of selected size and quality options for all flash video streaming websites.

FlashResizer Extension for Mozilla Firefox

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