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Restore Backspace (Return) Functionality In Google Instant Search

Google Instant Search is a work of genius, not only does it save time while searching but it also gives users quick access to related and trending searches all through one little search box. The only slight problem that comes with Instant Search is that it overrides some conventional functions that people have been using to navigate webpages for years, like the Backspace key which no longer brings us back to the previous page if Google Instant is enabled. GimmeMyBackspaceBack is an extension for Chrome that does just what its name says; it restores the backspace key’s functionality without disabling Google Instant.


The extension runs seamlessly in the background and as long as the Google Search box is inactive, hitting the Backspace key will take you back to the previous page. The extension also adds the functionality to toggle focus on the search box by using the escape key.

Install GimmeMyBackspaceBack For Chrome

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  • Subir Banerjee

    I purchased one Imac though the softwate was not tought by the company. I installed Windows – now the mac system is completely abolish from my PC !!! at the moment i am using only windows. While searching I found that the back space arrow is also missing on and often i have to close the windows and again i start it from the searching engine machine please help. Today i want to advice everybody not to purchase an apple products because they do not help in trouble.

  • Jan Doo

    Any alternative for Firefox? I find it annoying as hell that I can’t use backspace on a search results page; it always focuses on the input field and then removes the last character.