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Restore Twitter Timeline To The Left With User Script

Twitter just revamped their web layout and it is definitely appealing. As opposed to text links, they have gone with buttons and they’ve also flipped things over, literally. Before the revamp, suggested users to follow, trending topics and your account summary appeared in a column on the right while the column on the left was made up entirely of your Timeline. The new design has moved the Timeline to the right and not everyone might be comfortable with it. Fellow geeks at How-To Geek have created a user script Fix Twitter for Chrome and Firefox  that should put the Timeline back where it belongs.

Installing the script is simple enough on Chrome, it will install automatically once you allow it to from the permission box that pops up. For Firefox users, you will need to install GreaseMonkey to get it running.

Twitter  right

The script only re-orders the column back to the way they were and does nothing to the overall design. The new buttons are still there as are all the other new design functionalities.

Install Fix Twitter User Script From How-To Geek


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