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Romulist – Get Email Reminders For Redundant Monthly Tasks You Forget

Routines may be boring but they make it easier to get your daily tasks done in minimum time and without forgetting anything but this only applies to a daily routine. If you have something that you do weekly or even monthly, there is a high chance that you’ll forget about it. To put it simply; you forget chores but you rarely forget movie night. Romulist is a web service that acts as a task manager for mundane monthly tasks like paying the rent or making the minimum on your credit card. You can set reminders for just about anything. The reminders can be set for any day of the month and you can decide how far in advance you would like to receive a reminder.

The service requires an invite that you can apply for; invites come within 24 hours so you aren’t in for a long wait. Once you’re signed up, start adding reminders or Events. To add your first event, go to the Events tab. Enter a title to name the event and a due date. The due date can specify either by what date you need to get the task done or the exact date when you have to do it. Select how far in advance you want to receive a reminder for the task by selecting the number of days from the Remind Me dropdown menu. Click Add to create an event. To add more events, click Add Another Event on the events page.

Romulist Add event

All events that you add appear on the Events page and you can edit them any time by clicking the Edit button next to the event.

Romulist Events

When you first sign up for an account, the service asks you to enter what would be the best time to send you a reminder so you can expect email reminders around the time you specify. You can change this time from the Settings tab under Contact Time. The service sends you email reminders by default but you can opt out of them if you prefer to log in everyday to the service and check for reminders. Your dashboard highlights all days that you’ve created a reminder for.  All reminders are listed next to a calendar and the days of the month when a task is due are highlighted.

Romulist Dashboard

You can add and edit tasks from the dashboard as well. Reminder emails may not be sent to you at the exact time that you’ve specified. Although the service takes into account your time zone, there is still a chance that it might be a bit off and is stated clearly on the settings page.

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