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RSS Feed Reader: Access Your Favorite RSS Feeds Through A Compact Pop-up [Chrome]

Recently we covered Foxish Live RSS, an extension that mimics Firefox’s live bookmarks feature in Google Chrome. RSS Feed Reader is a similar Chrome extension which has the same functionality, but comes with more options and settings. RSS Feed Reader conveniently lets you keep track of your latest RSS feeds from your favorite websites. With it, you will be able to instantly see new items that are added to these feeds/websites. Simply subscribe to RSS feeds by clicking the button in the toolbar, or by adding its URL to the options page. You can also export feeds for backup, or import them to another computer. Moreover, customize feeds by changing the title, number of posts displayed and enable Force update option. You may also organize feeds in folders and sort them by drag & drop. The extension offers users with three different themes, Dark, Light and Mint.

Once you’ve added feeds, you will be able to view all of them in a compact pop-up by clicking the button in the toolbar. A count for the total number of unread feeds is displayed on the button, and an individual count for each feed is also displayed to the right of the title, in a tiny green box. You can right-click feeds for Go to page, Mark all as read, Open all unread or Organize.

feeds pop-up

Clicking individual feeds expands the content, and when an individual topic is clicked, the original website with the article opens in a new tab. Click Back to go to the list of all feeds.


RSS Reader Options let you manage feeds by giving you options to add New feed, New folder, Switch Theme and Export/Import. You can customize the layout of the pop-up by changing the theme. Also add folders, organize feeds and change their order by drag and drop.

manage feeds

Three themes are offered to users, Dark, Light and Mint. Select one according to your preferences, and it will instantly be applied to the pop-up.


RSS Feed Reader is handy extension that lets you stay up-to-date with all your feeds; as opposed to using a particular desktop app or even a service like Google Reader where you’re constantly switching windows or tabs to check for new items, extensions like RSS Feed Reader allow you to actively monitor items regardless of which Chrome window or tab you’re working in. Bear in mind that the extension only lets you check which new items have just arrived in your feed. The extension also supports desktop notifications.

Install RSS Feed Reader For Google Chrome

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