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Safe Makes SSL & Extended SSL Connections More Visible In Firefox

Firefox browser displays an HTTPS protocol in the address bar for websites, but sometimes we tend to ignore this indicator. For such situations, Safe is a Firefox add-on can be quite useful, as it makes SSL and extended SSL connections more visible in the browser. After you’ve installed the extension, it adds a green or blue border around the page, which indicates that the connection to the site is secure. The tabs are also colored along with the border (which might cause some problem in viewing the tab titles), and those with a blue border sport an SSL connection, whereas the green border indicates an extended SSL connection. Users who find the border quite thick can change its thickness from the add-on’s options.

While browsing the web, a blue border will added around the webpage, indicating that the website has an SSL connection.


Similarly, other websites will have a green border around them, which will show users that the website is using an extended SSL connection.

extended SSL

Users can easily change the thickness of the border by selecting an option from the drop-down menu. Also, you may enable the Warn when submitting password insecurely option from the same dialog.

Safe Preferences

The add-on also checks whether or not a website is using a secure method to handle form submission. According to the developer, when a user hovers over a button, a icon in the status-bar lights up, indicating that the information will be going to a secure website. Unfortunately, this feature was not functional during our testing, which might be due to a bug or version incompatibility. Overall, Safe is a handy add-on that makes SSL and extended SSL connection more visible. Visit the link below to install the add-on.

Install Safe Add-On For Firefox


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