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Save A History Of YouTube Videos Viewed On Any Webpage [Chrome]

After watching several entertaining videos on YouTube, you might want to revisit a previously watched one. There are a couple of ways to do this; you can either search your browser history, or you can search YouTube’s own history, which requires that you’re logged in. In the absence of the latter case, searching the browser history can be a difficult and time consuming task. Video History For YouTube makes life easier by keeping a track of your YouTube activity. Not only does it work on YouTube’s own website, but also records embedded videos from other blogs/websites and saves them in a list for later viewing. Moreover, it notifies you when there are new items from your Subscribed channels. Also, the Popular Videos category lets you view videos by This Week, This Month and All Time options.

You will find four basic tabs in the pop-up, Browsed Videos, Subscriptions, Popular Videos and Setup. Whenever you want to find a video that you’ve previously watched, you can simply click the button in the toolbar to access and view a history of your videos. Each saved video comes with a thumbnail image, track title, artist name and Source. You can either watch YouTube videos directly in the pop-up, or open them in a new window, depending on your preference. The extension also notifies you when there are new items under the Subscriptions category.

saved videos

The Popular Videos let you browse videos by This Week, This Month and All Time options, whereas the Setup allows you to set a time for the checking of new items.


Video History For YouTube gives you fast video search capabilities and lets you find your favorite tracks or videos with only a few simple clicks, without requiring signing into the service itself. We recommend all regular users of YouTube to install this extension from the link below.

Install Video History For YouTube For Google Chrome

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