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Save Email Attachments Directly To Dropbox With Send To Dropbox

Send To Dropbox is a web-based service which lets you send important email attachments directly to your Dropbox folder. This comes useful in situations where you send emails with attachments from, lets say, office PC or smartphones and want to save the important attachments on your primary PC without having to manually download them from Sent items folder. Send to Dropbox keeps track of all the important files which you’ve sent to different recipients with complete date and time info and other email specific attributes, such as, Attachment title, email address, filenames, and email subject. One noteworthy aspect of Send to Dropbox service is that it has an ability to automatically extract ZIP archives in your Dropbox, which can surely saves a lot of your precious time. Furthermore, unlike other email attachment to Dropbox services, it can keep copy of email body in plain text and in HTML format.

First, visit Send To Dropbox (link provided at the bottom of the post) and login to your Dropbox account to allow data access. Once done, it will provide you with an unique email address. Now when you want to send the copy of attachments to Dropbox, enter this unique email address in BCC box before sending the mail. It will automatically send the attachments to your Dropbox. Furthermore, you have options to customize the way it saves attachments in Dropbox account. You can choose the emails and file related attributes in any sequence to define where to save the attachments in Dropbox, such as, Subject, Attachments, Date, Sender address, Filename, etc.

In Other settings section, enable options to automatically extract ZIP archive attachments and to send ZIP archive files directly. The last two options refer to saving email body text in plain text and in HTML format. Once you’re done with settings, click Save Settings.

send to dropbox 1

You can verify Attachments folder for saved attachments with filename, date stamp and sender name address folder hierarchy. As shown in screenshot below, it saved attached file in Attachment/date stamp/sender’s email address folder.

dropbox 2

Visit Send To Dropbox

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