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Save Multiple Chrome Tabs

This guide will go through all the useful options that allow users to save Google Chrome tabs. It is intended for those users who have recently migrated to Chrome or those willing to do so.

Save/Restore Multiple Tabs

So you have multiple tabs open in Google Chrome and want to close the browser but don’t want to lose all the tabs? Google Chrome browser has a small option build-in which allow users to reopen the pages that were last opened.

Head over to Options, under Basics tab, you will find an option “Reopen the pages that were open last”, select it and hit Close. Now whenever you will close the last Chrome window, all tabs in it will be saved and later restored when you open Chrome browser again.

Chrome options reopen tabs

If you want some specific pages to open, select “Open the following pages” option, then enter multiple URLs(one URL per line), and hit OK.

Save Multiple Tabs As A Bookmark

If you have multiple tabs open and want to save them all to a bookmark folder, right-click any tab and select “Bookmark all tabs”. Now give the new bookmark folder a name and hit OK.

Bookmark all tabs Chrome

Both are small useful options that can have a huge impact on the user. Google Chrome has tons of such functionality to speed up the productivity.

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