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Save Tabs In User Defined Groups For Later Access [Chrome]

Ending up with a lot of open tabs when working online is not a rare occurrence. Not only can this be irritating, but sifting through all these tabs can be a pain. This is where Tab Bundler, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. With it, you can organize and manage open tabs by saving them in user defined groups. For instance, you might have a group of tabs related to music, another group related to work and so on. This extension will let you create bundles by going to a window with all your open tabs and click on the Tab Bundler button in the toolbar. Input a a title for your bundle, and hit Enter to create a new bundle.

You can then load your saved bundles by double-clicking the bundle’s name in the pop-up. Alternatively, you can open a bundle from the Omnibar by typing “tb”, pressing Tab and entering the name of your bundle. When you want to delete a bundle that you’ve created, hover over the bundle name and click on the “x” icon that will show up to the right of the bundle’s name.


You will also find an arrow at the bottom of the pop-up, which allows you to toggle a drop-down menu that lets you enable or disable two options, Ask to delete and Allow Replace.


Please note that clearing browsing cookies will remove bundles saved by Tab Bundler. This extension is quite useful for those who habitually work with multiple tabs and want to access them at a later time. It provides faster access and management, and can be grabbed at the link provided below.

Install Tab Bundler For Google Chrome

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