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Save Web Content Directly To Dropbox & Google Docs, Or Convert To PDF

When you have to save content from websites to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Docs, you first have to download it from the web, save it to your local system, and then upload it to the cloud. This whole process is not only complicated, but also quite time consuming. This is where CleanSave, a Chrome extension, comes to the rescue. With it, you can move and save files directly from the web to your cloud-based accounts, like Google Docs and Dropbox. Not only does it allow you to upload content to these services, but you can also edit and convert webpages to PDF or simply print them. Before you can upload something, you have to, of course, log-in to the specific cloud service and authenticate Clean Save to send content to it.

All you have to do is activate CleanSave on a desired page and optimize content with editing tools. Once done, select your desired output options.


The extension offers users with multiple output options, such as PDF, Dropbox, Google Docs, Email and Print, whereas the editing tools allow you to change the font, remove unwanted images, text, add notes to your content and more. Additionally, you can share pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Google+.

note and delete option

When you click the Dropbox or Google Docs icon, you will be able to save the document either as a PDF or text. Moreover, you can directly convert webpages to a PDF and download them to the system.


Cloud Save is a great timesaver as it it lets you cut-out the middle process and save all the unnecessary clicks to upload content to your accounts in the cloud.

Install CleanSave For Google Chrome

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