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Schedule And Manage Meetings Effectively With Meetin.gs

Scheduling a meeting is a corporate nightmare where agendas are lost, time is forgotten and many people say they didn’t get the memo. Meetin.gs is a web service that offers a solution to scheduling meetings and making sure everyone is kept to up to date on all changes. It provides a singular platform for creating meetings (topic, date, time and duration), inviting participants, adding agendas and collaborating with other participants.

You can manage multiple meetings using this web service. It has a simple dashboard view that lets you see all meetings that you’ve scheduled and all updates for the meetings. Meeting time and agendas can be edited and different files (images and documents) can be added to a meeting. Participants don’t necessarily have to sign up for an account; they receive a unique link to a page that has details of the meeting, all updates and documents are accessible without the user needing to signup or sign in.


You can send invites with the standard message text or edit it and include a personal note of your own. If you’ve added meetings before, you can also choose participants from previous meetings. Participants are updated about changes to a meeting via email. If there are multiple changes to a meeting, they are mailed in a single email to reduce excessive annoying mail clutter in your participant’s inbox.

The service is currently invite only; you can sign up at the site and request an invite. Each new account is allowed to send three invites.

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