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Schedule Auto Refresh For Your Favorite Webpages [Firefox]

Want to stay up to date with the latest information on your favorite news, sports or blogging websites? You no longer need to click the Refresh button over and over again. Auto-Refresh, a Firefox add-on, is a handy tool for refreshing web pages at certain time intervals, giving you access to the latest webpage content. Auto Refresh will refresh or hard refresh any tab or group of tabs at individual or group intervals. You can also customize your presets, and save the ones you most use. It has the ability to automatically refresh your desired websites at certain time intervals. All you need is to enable the feature on your desired websites and select a time interval, after which your website will be reloaded automatically.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, an Auto Refresh option is added to the right-click context menu. Click Enable if you want the current webpage to auto refresh, and then select a time interval for it. Furthermore, you can add different time intervals by clicking the Customize option. The Randomize option randomly selects one preset time. Once it performs that action, it will randomly choose another preset time and keep repeating.

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The Auto Refresh Preferences allow you to disable and enable the Status bar icon and customize the presets. You can customize and save seven different presets, which are then added to the right-click context menu.

Auto Refresh Preferences

The bad thing about the add-on is that it spams you a bit. Once installed, a new tab opens promoting one of the products by the developers. Reading a few of the reviews about the add-on tells us that this is a really spammy add-on and though we didn’t see that much spammy behavior in our testing, caution is advised. This obviously isn’t an add-on that the average user might need for an extended period of time and is likely to be used temporarily. It functions well and on several websites with customizable time intervals and you don’t need anything other than that in an add-on like this.

Auto Refresh is a make-do  that can be useful for people who need to keep abreast with websites that have frequent web content updates. Grab the add-on from the link below, and try it out.

Install Auto Refresh Add-On For Firefox


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