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Scroll Web Pages In Firefox Like Kindle With Page Flippers [Tablet PC]

We use scroll bars easily with mouse, some Chrome users who hate it can shrink it using the previously reviewed Thin Scroll Bar extension, but what if you are on a touch-based Windows 7 Tablet PC? If you find it difficult to scroll, then Page Flippers is what you might be looking for. It is an extension for Firefox that will let you scroll a webpage as if you were using Kindle or any other eReader. This is achieved by adding buttons to both sides of the window.

page flipper

The extension, by default, adds four buttons on either sides of the Firefox window but they can be customized to appear on only one side, their width can be adjusted and you can specify what function each button will perform. The Preset options available are Single buttons, Left-Handed buttons, Right-Handed buttons, Double buttons, Kindle buttons (our favorite), or Custom buttons. You can also choose to hide any one of the buttons on either side.

Page Flippers Preferences

Bear in mind that the extension is for scrolling a web page and not for transitioning between different pages. The extension also adds ‘Page Numbers’ on the title bar. The page numbers are actually the number of full page scrolls it would take to scroll to the end of the page, the number changes when a window is resized.

page flipper page numbers

You can also choose to hide the buttons when the window is resized to a certain size. If you’re using Vertical Tabs, the extension will integrate the buttons accordingly.

page flipper vertical tabs

Install Page Flippers For Firefox

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