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Search And Filter Opened Tabs In Firefox [Extension]

Tab Filter/Tab Search is an extension for Firefox to filter opened tabs through user-defined search criteria and filtering expressions. Using this extension, users can apply a filter to show only those tabs which falls under the specified search criteria. You also have options to filter only Title, URL, or both on same searching planes whilst applying the regular expressions.

The real usability can be observed when you’re dealing with a lot of multiple types of tabs containing diverse content, and when only those tabs are needed which meets your search criteria. By default, it comes with a pre-defined hotkey Ctrl+Alt+F to quickly show its search box on the upper part of the window. All that is required is to enter the search keyword, and specify filtering options (Title/URL, or Both). You can also narrow down the search to page content by enabling the Page Content option. Once done with defining the search criteria, hit Enter to view tabs as per requirement.


It will hide all the unneeded tabs and show only those which contain keywords that you’ve specified. To view all the tabs again, click Undo Tab Filter button to remove the applied filter.


A handy extension which lets you filter tabs on the fly, with this extension installed, you don’t need to manually set tabs in a particular sequence, just enter search keyword, hit enter, and it will show the most relevant tabs.

Tab Filter/Tab Search Extension for FireFox

Update: This add-on is no longer available. If you can find an alternative, let us know in the comments.

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