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Search By Website And Category In Firefox With All In One Search Bar

All In One Search Bar is a Firefox extension which brings quick searching ability across famous search engines and websites by choosing a category. For example, if you wish to search for a video, you can choose the video category with the Google search option and get results only for videos related to the searched term. Search can be performed on Google, Bing, Facebook, Flickr, Ask, PhotoBucket, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, MetaCafe, BeeMP3, SongsLover, WordPress, etc. This can save a lot of time for searching through specific search engines with defined categories.

Another good part is that the search page can open in a new tab which provides the utility of performing quick searches from the toolbar instead of having to visit the specific website. It is also better than the available search bar in Firefox since it has more refining options such as search by video, image, web, news, etc (depending upon the selected search engine). The available criteria are refined according to the selected search engines. For example, if you were to select Facebook, you will be able to refine the search by applications, pages, profiles, groups, events, posts by friends, etc. Whereas, Google search will allow you to search by videos, images, web and news.

After installing this extension, a toolbar automatically appears above the address bar. Just enter the search term and select a search engine. Then select the category for performing the search.

Search engines

The categories include web, images, videos and news. Click on the Green button (next to the search box) to initiate the search.

Search type

This will open a new tab in which the searched term according to the selected category will appear. Another interesting aspect of this extension is that when you search for a video via Google, it redirects you to YouTube. This makes a lot of sense since most of what is available on Google is actually taken from YouTube.

i-Phone - Bing Videos - Mozilla Firefox

Many of the options of this extension also change according to the selected search engine. For instance, when you select Flickr, it provides an option to search an image by size, relevance, collection, etc. Likewise, you get refined options for searching on Facebook by pre-defined categories such as profiles, groups, applications, etc.


All In One Search Bar Extension for Firefox

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