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search fast: Instant Access To Dictionary, Wikipedia & Bing [Chrome]

Has it even happened to you that, while browsing the web, you come across a term that you want to look up the meaning for, but either choose to ignore it or save for later, just because you don’t want to be bothered with visiting an online dictionary or wiki and find the relevant item. For such situations, search fast is a Chrome extension that allows you to look for these terms from the same page through a compact pop-up. You can search terms on Dictionary.com, Wikipedia and Bing. The pop-up adjusts inside the browser window without blocking your view, giving you a handy, quick approach.

When searching the web, simply click the search fast button in the toolbar to access Dictionary, Wikipedia and Bing. To find definitions and meanings of different terms, click the Dictionary option, enter your search term, hit the Search button, and results will instantly be displayed in the pop-up. The dictionary also comes with a Thesaurus option, which allows you to find synonyms and can be quite handy for people who are fond of writing.


Wikipedia works similarly, and displays entire articles within the pop-up. Simply enter your search, scroll down the article and read through it, without opening extra tabs.


Bing also works perfectly and displays results for web, images, news, map and local categories. Click More to access all search results and use the Next/Previous buttons to switch between pages.


search fast is a simple extension that can be useful for people who regularly read articles and need to look up definitions or other information for different terms. Install the extension from the link below, give it a try and let us know what you think!

Install search fast For Google Chrome

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  • Alan

    the wiki and dictionary in this extension are very useful ..