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Search Popular Sites Directly From The Address Bar In Firefox

The address bar is no longer the address bar any more; browsers have integrated the address bar and search bar in one place and users today wouldn’t know how to search without this feature. So imagine if you had a really great address bar but you could make it even better? The address bar in Firefox lets you enter either a URL or any search in your default search engine; the InstantFox extension for Firefox lets you search Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and for local weather and turns the Address bar into a calculator (because calculators just make things cooler).

InstantFox adds more functionality to your address bar; it gives access to Google’s Instant Search engine and lets you search sites like YouTube and Wikipedia by typing ‘y’ and ‘w’ respectively followed by your search. To search Google Instant Search type ‘g’ in the address bar and start typing your query, a list of trending searches will appear in the bar like they do when you search in Google. The functionality is unique because you can’t do this even if you’ve got the Google bar installed in Firefox.

The extension also lets you search directly for items in eBay and Amazon (type ‘e’ and ‘a’ respectively). You can find local weather; type ‘f’ followed by the name of your city and do simple calculations by typing ‘c’ followed by a mathematical statement.

Install InstantFox For Firefox

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