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Search & Sort YouTube Comments And Remove Spam [Chrome]

YouTube Comment Retriever is an extension for Chrome that sifts trough thousands of comments on YouTube videos and brings to you comments that you are interested in. It works by removing spam and other irrelevant content from the comments. The extension is also highly configurable, and is a must for both producers and regular users of YouTube. With it, users will be able block unwanted content and spam. The search feature is quite useful and lets you filter comments. Moreover, the extension be customized according to your preferences by changing the maximum pages to load, max comments to display, width of panel options and more from the settings. 

While you’re watching a video on YouTube, click the button in the toolbar to display comments in a pop-up. At the start the pop-up will be displayed the approximate wait time for the comments to load. The extension works smoothly and is capable of displaying thousands of comments. The pop-up also shows you information about the number of pages loaded and the category they are sorted by. Moreover, users can enter a query in the search box and filter comments accordingly. Another advantage of the extension is that, users can watch the video and view comments at the same time, without having to scroll down the page.


The Configuration Settings For YouTube Comment Retriever allow you to change the Max Pages to Load, Max Comments to Display and Width of Panel. Users can also enable or disable Unrated Comments and sort comments by Highest Rating, Most Disputed, Lowest Rating and Most Recent.

YouTube Comment Retriever Options

YouTube Comment Retriever is a pretty slick extension that lets you view relevant comments and removes spam found in comments under YouTube videos. With it, you can enhance your YouTube video watching experience and enjoy feedback from other users.

Install YouTube Comment Retriever For Google Chrome


  1. Ahh… Just when I thought I had found the plugin I’d always wanted, it’s no longer available. If anyone actually still reads this page, are there any alternatives? Even for a different browser?

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