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Search Tabs: Get Search Results From Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube & More [Chrome]

Search Tabs, a Chrome extension, allows you to get search results from popular search engines and social networking websites, such as Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, Wikipedia, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The extension adds a tiny toolbar with various sources to the right-hand side of Google search results. With it, you can enhance your search both for professional and personal purposes. It allows you to search various sources all from one place. Moreover, you can easily customize the extension by adding your own sources or selecting some from the different categories.

Once you’ve installed the extension, a slick toolbar with multiple search engines and popular social networking sites will appear to the right of Google search results. Simply hover your mouse over a search engine and view results in a pop-up. Results are displayed for each search engine separately, and when a title is clicked, the search results are opened in a new tab.


Users can click the blue button right on top of the toolbar to access the Add Source option and all search results. Here, you will find multiple sources that have been divided into different categories, such as Personal, Communities, Knowledge, Entertainment, News and Shopping. Each category comes with a large number of sources. You will also find a Add your own option, click this to add your desired source, simply by entering a Name and Host, once done click Add and the source will instantly be added to the list.

add source

Search Tabs is like having a search dashboard on a Google search results page; the level of customization is excellent though, execution is somewhat lacking. The elements of the panel and those on the search page will occasionally ride over each other making the page difficult to navigate, or, they will space themselves oddly so that the page is much wider than it’s originally supposed to be.

The panel itself can do with a better design since it can be intrusive at times. The close button for the panel is fairly well hidden and you might end up closing or collapsing several other subpanels long before you figure out a way to close it. To close the panel, position your mouse over the WebMynd tab and a close button should appear.

Search Tabs is quite a useful extension specially for people who regularly search the same terms on various search engines and websites. Search Tabs lets you extensively search the web with only a click or two.

Install Search Tabs For Google Chrome

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