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SearchMark: Search For Items Within Bookmarked Pages [Chrome]

If you have a massive collection of bookmarks stored in your Chrome browser, or a bunch of folders containing loads of bookmarks, manually sorting through your bookmark library to find a page you once bookmarked, can be a very difficult task. This is where SearchMark comes in handy. The Chrome extension does not only allow you to search your bookmarked pages by title or web address, but bookmarks can also be searched by page content. SearchMark makes bookmarking management a breeze, so you no longer need to waste time by manually searching multiple folders and your bookmarks bar.

After installation, click the button in the toolbar, and a new SearchMark page will open in a new tab with a search bar. Simply enter a query and hit the Search button. The extension will quickly retrieve results from all your bookmarked pages from all your folders and bookmark bar.


The results will be displayed on the same page with a plain white background. Note that the websites that are retrieved are in an Offline Version. Clicking a link will instantly open the website in a new tab. Another useful feature is that the search bar is displayed at the top of the page, making it easier for you to search multiple terms at the same time, without having to switch tabs or navigate away from the page.


What makes you want to install the extension is the support for wild cards when you search your bookmarks. What will put you off is how slow the extension is. Given that most bookmark libraries are big, and we tested the extension with a moderate to small sized one, the response was very slow. Perhaps it was because the extension indexes everything from the title and URL of a page to its date that makes retrieving the pages a long process but, its responsiveness needs serious attention. It’s unlikely that it can integrate with Chrome’s default Bookmarks manager but there should be a better way to start a search instead of having to open a new tab.

SearchMark can particularly come in handy for people who have large amounts of websites bookmarked and find it difficult to quickly search and open them. The extension saves time and lets you browse the web in a neat way. Visit the link below to grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Install SearchMark For Google Chrome

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